Inka Bell


Inka Bell’s intricate collage-style art explores the geometrical ambiguity between two- and three-dimensional spaces. Her mix of colors and shapes creates a visual experience and makes the viewer aware of the sensory spaces that exist between them. By drawing inspiration from science fiction, Bell’s work centers around themes of escapism and futurism and questions the relationship between human behaviour and technology. 


Bell began printing in 2012 and creates both small- and large-scale prints, which call for meticulous precision and attention to detail. Using paper as her preferred medium, Bell wants to expand the field of printmaking and sculptural paper work. Although her working process requires a lot of analysis and specialized technique, Bell nevertheless describes her approach to artmaking as intuitive. 


Inka Bell (b. 1981) is a Finnish artist who continues to live and work in Helsinki (FI). She graduated in 2021 with a MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of the Arts in Helsinki and has previously worked as both a graphic designer and illustrator, which has influenced much of her work. Bell has had numerous exhibitions in Finland and internationally, which include Experiments in Concretism at EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art (2024, FI), Shift at Forum Box (2023, FI), Rise Over Run at Bricks Gallery (2022, DK), Linears at Porvoo Art Hall (2022, FI), and was also nominated for the Queen Sonja Print Award in 2020.