May 15 - Jun 5, 2020

Bricks Gallery proudly presents Tales of Mere Existence, a group exhibition curated by Søren Arildsen. 


Line up:


Emilie Maj

Cistina Lavin

Signe Ralkov

Sally Santana

Ruzena Sokol

Kristoffer Bech

Søren Arildsen

Madeleine Peccoux.


The exhibition focuses on paper as a storytelling medium, a mirror of personal self reflection, and a document of lived experience. In a time of social distancing and isolation, self reflection is inevitable and a sense of self distancing comes into being. As an artist, this proces deals with our sense of self, our thoughts and the artistic practice as a whole. Questions regarding ones subjective and objective existence, flow in the zeitgeist of the art scene. Thereby the established norms are being questioned too, since they are ever the more evident, as daily life dissolves. For this exhibition, I have gathered a group of young artists, whose practice I admire greatly. Their methods and thoughts are refreshing, innovative and motivate me to strive for the best possible evolution of the arts and of the world. I am proud to stand side by side with a new generation of amazing artists. 


Text by Søren Arildsen