Galina Munroe


Based in Norfolk (UK), French-British artist Galina Munroe (b. 1993) has developed a uniquely tactile approach towards painting that incorporates elements of collage alongside an intuitive treatment of surface and composition. Often indirectly referring to her own introverted social disposition, Munroe conceptualises the bright colour fields and bold simplistic formal vocabulary that characterise much of her work as spatial games that encourage the viewer to direct their attention inwards.


The artist prefers to look for formal cues in the materials she is working with (such as a pre-existing fold or smudge in the canvas) when developing new images, instead of coming to each new work with pre-meditated sketches or ideas for a motif. Once identified, Munroe latches on to these surface prompts and develops them into paired-down loosely figurative compositions.


Whilst the artist deliberately channels a sense of spontaneity, and relishes the impression of freshness and excitement that this imbues her painting with, Munroe has also developed a language of visual phrases that frequently recur; suggestions of voluminous flowers, fruits and planetary bodies are prevalent and point towards the rich vitality of the rural countryside that has often been the artist’s primary working environment. 



Galina Munroe received her MFA from Central St. Martins. Recent exhibitions include: Origin at Delphian Gallery (London UK, 2021), PUZZLE at Roman Sviridov (Brugherio IT, 2021), TWENTYFOUR II at Bricks Gallery (Copenhagen DK, 2020), To Emerge in a Different Place at PIERMARQ* (Sydney AU, 2020).