Martha Hviid


Copenhagen-based artist Martha Hviid (b. 1987) works across a variety of media including drawings/paintings, sculpture and installation. Broadly interested in the diverse ways in which humans sense, interpret and respond to situational cues, Hviid’s practice relies upon crafting site-specific and responsive environments. Applying meticulous focus to the preparatory stages for each new work’s production, Hviid’s practice is research-oriented in its strong emphasis on sketching, testing and planning. Conceptual grounding and materiality both play important roles and thus Hviid is involved in a constant negotiation between thematic content and each work’s substantive formal qualities. A sense of implicit or subconscious communication surrounds the work and Hviid maintains a longstanding interest in the psychological connotations of various object forms and the neurological structures that regulate essential human behaviour. Martha Hviid received her MFA in sculpture in 2015 from the Royal College of Art, London with additional study at the University of Texas, Austin.


Recent exhibtions include: "Ajar" at Baka d' Busk (Copenhagen, DK), "Grid Sway Sashay" with Mathias Malling Mortensen at Bricks Gallery (Copenhagen DK, 2021)  “Dagsrester og Andre Pressede Citroner” with Emily Gernild at Gammelgaard (Copenhagen DK, 2021), “Into The Current” with Friederike Haug at Richas Digest (Cologne DE, 2019) and “Self-Soother” at OK Corral (Copenhagen DK, 2019). Martha Hviid’s work is included in the permanent collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) Library Archives. In 2016 Hviid was a recipient of the Bikuben Foundation’s Studio Scholarship and in 2017 she was nominated for the Remmen Foundation’s Art Prize.