Jakob Oksbjerg: To The End Of Reality

Mar 4 - Apr 2, 2022
Installation Views
Press release

A central point of interest in the practice of Jakob Oksbjerg are the ways stories establish our sense of reality. In this exhibition Oksbjerg reflects on the behavior of humankind as storytelling beings. This behavior is perceived as being deeply embedded in human beings, and as much part of our contemporary society, as it was at the height of the ancient Egyptian empire. 


In Oksbjerg’s paintings and sculptures mythical tales from a parallel reality unfold, clarifying the way the stories we are told transform into our perception of reality.

His work suggests that mankind’s formation of realities are easier discerned through mythical stories, but are as much at play in our time’s digital culture and data political era. He thus comments on a contemporary tendency where we uncritically internalize narratives in diverse arrays of media technologies. Instead, he wishes his works to act as a reminder for all of us to take back agency and be mindful of the way discourses influence our perception of reality.


Oksbjerg wishes for us all to consider: “Do we accept the terms and conditions of our own reality?”