Peter Larsen » Bricks Gallery


Peter Larsens works greet the audience with open arms, rich in color and playful. They invite us to overcome our cynicism and to join them on an adventure – to put our guard down and lose control. 


Peter Larsens works helps us understand how much archetypes, such as animals or geometrical shapes, weighs in our mental economy, in our emotional life and in our symbolic order. They show us the building blocks of mythology turned upside down. And how the most important thing about a story, is not necessarily whether or not it is true. 


Peter Larsen (b. 1984) graduated from the Danish Royal Academy of Arts in 2013. In his artistic practice he embraces various modes of expression such as painting, drawing, ceramics as well as classic printing forms like etching, screen print and lithography. His artworks reference both surrealist imagery and a modernist exploration of playful subjects.  The artist lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.