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Peter Larsen’s creative expression offers an enchanting and imaginative approach to artmaking, and his works address surrealist themes like bizarre figures, distorted scenery, and personal iconography. In his modernist yet playful explorations, he draws inspiration from fairy tales, mythology, animals, and the cityscape, creating a dream-like and dystopic world in which his art serves as a form of escapism. He enjoys subverting conventional notions of artistic beauty in order to create his own unique interpretations that challenge them.

Larsen’s artistic practice incorporates a wide range of mediums, including painting, drawing, and ceramics, as well as traditional printing techniques such as etching, screen printing, and lithography. His depiction of familiar characters in strange settings transcends cross-cultural boundaries by using vibrant colors, unusual shapes, and unique symbolism, leaving the viewer with a sense of being stuck between two worlds, as if they are simultaneously awake and in a dream. 

Peter Larsen (b. 1984) graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 2013 and continues to live and work in the city. He has exhibited a number of highly acclaimed solo- and group shows, most recently City Occultism, a ceramic collection with fellow artist Maria Lenskjold (Bricks Gallery, DK, 2023).

He has more recently exhibited at PULP (MA, USA, 2023), Why the Long Face? at FRMD Gallery (LDN, UK, 2023), Hocus Pocus Therapy (2022), and Reverse Elephant (2021) at Bricks Gallery (CPH, DK).