Jon Erik Nyholm: This Land

Jan 21 - Feb 19, 2022
Installation Views
Press release

Establishment of a bridge

Our starting point is nature. Cultivation begins from our first breath. Systems are created to understand and control life. But only one system will remain. The uncontrolling system of nature.

When a connection is lost also so is the communication. We have moved ourselves further and further from nature. Lost touch with the idea of something greater than us. But unpredictable encounters can remind us of that knowledge. That knowledge that we are also nature. We reconnect. The symbiosis reappears through the establishment of a bridge.

THIS LAND speaks in tongues about the nature we left behind. It bridges us into a contemplative space where the landscapes intoxicate us. The spiritual is torn away from the sacred. Environments relates and unrelates in one association as we move through the exhibition. Our systems seem increasingly irrelevant.

Rather than an embrace THIS LAND catches us in our fall and tells a story about the human being in the holistic system of nature.



Text by Anne Thomasen - Curator at Malmö Art Museum

Jon Erik Nyholm's (1982) is educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Nyholm primarily works with print, painting and ceramic from a fixed standpoint acknowledging the abilities of nature, spirituality and in-between spaces. 'THIS LAND' is Nyholms first exhibition with the gallery.