Jon Erik Nyholm


Jon Erik Nyholm primarily works with print, painting and ceramic from a fixed standpoint acknowledging the abilities of nature, spirituality and in-between spaces. The space as a distance, a displacement and a space for remembrance - is a central element in Jon Erik Nyholm's works, which have nature and the moods and sensations it evokes as its main source of inspiration.


Jon Erik Nyholm (born in 1982, in Århus Denmark) graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts with a degree in 2014. He has exhibited internationally as well as nationally. Selected exhibitions include: THIS LAND at Bricks Gallery (2022, Copenhagen, DK), Ler og Maleri at Haderslev Kunstforening (2020, Haderslev, DK), TWENTYFOUR II at Bricks Gallery (2020, Copenhagen, DK), Dear Hunter  at LIST (2019, Copenhagen, DK), Interstice at Møstings Hus (2016, Frederiksberg, DK), New Shelter Plan (2015, Copenhagen, DK) Overgaden (2013, Copenhagen, DK) and European Art Center (2012, China)


The artist lives and works in Copenhagen.