Sune Christiansen | Afterparty

Apr 26 - May 25, 2024

Bricks Gallery is pleased to present Afterparty, a solo exhibition by Sune Christiansen, with an opening reception on Friday, April 26th from 5-8 PM. This marks the first exhibition featuring Christiansen’s large-scale stoneware sculptures, which will be presented alongside paintings on canvas.


After the glow, after the hour, thereafter the afterthought

Then arrives the Afterparty


The exhibition explores the theme of a shaken world and the feeling of a party coming to an end, even against our wishes. In Christiansen’s sculptures, gravity seems to be challenged by a range of colorful blocks, each stacked unevenly yet delicately on top of the other. These sculptures, resembling human-like creatures, or indefinable objects, may lead to the question of whether they have just been assembled or are on the verge of collapse.  


Surrounding the stoneware are Christiansen’s paintings, which appear less figurative, wilder, and perhaps more untamed than his previous works. Much like the stoneware, they seem to exist in a space, where gravity is put on hold. Through swirling circles reminiscent of eyes, fragmented abstract human forms, and bursts of color, the paintings navigate the fine line between movement and stillness, as well as chaos and order. 


In its own abstract way Afterparty invites viewers to reflect on time, the certainty of change, and our fundamental connection to the world through Sune Christiansen’s stoneware sculptures and paintings. Here, it remains to be seen what lies beyond this party. 


Sune Christiansen (b. 1976) is a Danish artist who lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Christiansen has exhibited both internationally and in Denmark. Recent exhibitions include The Leftovers with Alzueta Gallery (Barcelona, ES, 2023), Viewpoint with Pt. 2 Gallery (Oakland, US, 2023) and Weight of the Load with Bricks Gallery (Copenhagen, DK, 2022).