TWENTYFOUR I: Group show

Dec 8 - 22, 2019

Bricks Gallery introduces a new tradition for the month of December by presenting TWENTYFOUR - a group show inspired by the Advent Calendar and this year curated by Bricks director Morten Halborg-Møller.


Twentyfour emerging as well as established artists are invited to exhibit a piece each. A common denominator for all pieces will be their size, making them all possible to hang on a single nail. The character and expression are up to each artist to decide, and this year’s exhibition features both woven pieces, reliefs, drawings, oil paintings, paper cuts, photos, wax pieces and more. The show displays a combination of new interesting profiles and artists who are already a part of the gallery’s program - local as well as international. Christmas is a time of giving and sharing. In this regard, the show aims to highlight the importance of sharing. Sharing space, competencies and inspiration both artists and viewers between.


Works by:

Inka Bell (FI), Luca Bjørnsten (DK), Jenny Brosinski (DE), Matilde Duus (DK), Bertrand Fournier (FR), Simon Ganshorn (DK), Hvass&Hannibal (DK), Linda Karin Larsen (NO), Peter Larsen (DK), Karl Monies (DK), Mathias Malling Mortensen (DK), Galina Munroe (UK), Jon Erik Nyholm (DK), Mischa Palovski (DK), Ricardo Passaporte (PT), Morten Plesner (DK), Sine Ralkov (DK), Dana Slijboom (CA), Jakob Steen (DK), Struan Teague (UK), Anne Torpe (DK), Michael Utzon (DK), Alina Vergnano (IT), Mikkel Ørsted (DK)